Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

The king of soccer games is back and promises to be better than ever
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The king of soccer games is back and promises to be better than ever. The PES team has worked hard to create the most realistic soccer game ever seen in a console or PC, although I expected better graphics at least in the PC version, the overall experience is excellent.

Konami has investigated in depth the physical movement of the ball and took into account air resistance and deviations in connection with the state of the playing surface. The use of lighting that makes players like Raul, Messi and Sergio Ramos seem much more realistic;as a result, we have a totally realistic gaming experience.

Thanks to an improved control method, it is easier to perform the movements and tricks. Moreover, it presents for the first time in Europe Be a Legend mode, which manage a single player to take him from small teams and benches to the maximum level. The graphics and atmosphere of the stadium was updated and enhanced to complement the experience of PES.

The PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 has two problems. The first is the goalkeeper who has yet to evolve as it is nailed on sticks. The second is that it is virtually unmanageable with the keyboard. It is more complicated and does not respond properly.

Thought I enjoy playing FIFA game series, PES 2009 is the best choice for the true soccer fans.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is available for PC, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Improved graphics
  • enhanced physics


  • awful keyboard response (its not my pc, previous installment works fine)
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